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Toner before you need it, delivered to your door. We're offering huge savings on a Refresh EZ Print Subscription, the smart ink & toner service from Brother. 

  • 4-Month FREE Trial + an extra $20 Refresh Credit
  • ALWAYS FREE Delivery of Brother Genuine Toner included with your subscription 
  • ZERO-COMMITMENT - Change or cancel your plan at any time 

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How Refresh Works

Get Started with Refresh Today

Enroll in Refresh EZ Print Subscription and pick a print plan that fits your monthly printing needs. Many Brother printers now come ready with Refresh cartridges, so you can get started right away. Use the Brother Mobile Connect App for easy sign-up!

Delivery Right to Your Door

Refresh Ink & Toner cartridges are smart and know when you’re running low and automatically deliver a replacement FREE, before you run out, saving you from out-of-ink frustrations.

Enjoy Worry-Free Printing

You’ll never have to worry about running out of ink or toner again with Refresh! Refresh cartridges contain more ink & toner, so that means fewer replacements. Try Refresh free for 4 months.

Search Refresh Subscription Eligible Printers

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Black Toner Monthly Print Plans

Refresh plans are based on the number of pages you print each month and every page printed costs the same, whether it’s a color photo or text document. Unused pages roll over to the next month, up to a maximum of 2 times your monthly plan. As your printing needs change, you can change or cancel at any time. All Refresh plans come with a Free Extended Limited Warranty, based on printer eligibility.

Basic Plan


25 Pages / Month

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Occasional Plan


100 Pages / Month

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Moderate Plan


300 Pages / Month

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High Plan


700 Pages / Month

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Power Plan


1,500 Pages / Month

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Special Deals

Refresh truck with "Don't let this deal drive by" text and offer for 4 months free plus $20 credit.

Get a Truckload of Savings on Black Toner!

Subscribe and have Brother Genuine black toner delivered to your door, when you need it, without lifting a finger. As a Refresh EZ Print Subscription customer, you'll also enjoy FREE delivery with your subscription.

Sign up for a Zero-Commitment 4 Month FREE Trial and receive a $20 Refresh credit.

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Get 1,000 Bonus Pages FREE!

Enroll in Refresh within the first 7 days of powering on your new Brother printer and print 1,000 Pages for FREE with your Refresh Subscription!

Here’s everything you need to get started

Your Refresh Ready Printer

Make sure you are near your printer, it is powered on, with paper loaded and ready to print

Network Connection

Have your printer and laptop or mobile device connected to the same network

Your Credit or Debit Card

Have the credit or debit card that you would like to connect to your subscription account

Frequently Asked Questions

With your Refresh Subscription, special smart Refresh ink and toner cartridges are used which may come with your printer, or we’ll ship them to you after enrollment. These smart cartridges sense when you’re running low, and a new supply is delivered to you automatically before you run out.

After your Free Trial is over, you will be billed a flat monthly fee based on the Print Plan you’ve selected, so your printing is covered whether you use it or not.

For further assistance, please call our Refresh Subscription Specialists at (855) 996-0277 weekdays 9am-9pm ET.

Refresh cartridges contain more ink and toner than traditional cartridges and are sent when your printer senses it’s running low on ink or toner - there is no set schedule. That means:

  • You may not receive cartridges as often as you would if you were buying traditional cartridges

  • Fewer shipments, less impact on the environment and less waste

  • The number of cartridges sent depends on your printing habits and how often you print

For further assistance, please call our Refresh Subscription Specialists at (855) 996-0277 weekdays 9am-9pm ET.

You can review detailed enrollment assistance on our support site or call (855) 996-0277 weekdays 9am-9pm ET.

After creating an account and completing your Refresh Subscription enrollment:

If you’ve recently purchased a printer: it may have Refresh ink or toner cartridge(s) already installed and your Refresh Subscription starts immediately after you’ve enrolled.

If your printer does not have Refresh cartridge(s) installed: within a week after enrolling, you will receive a welcome kit with Refresh ink or toner cartridge(s), delivered right to your door. Insert the Refresh cartridge(s) into your printer right away to activate and complete your enrollment in the Refresh Subscription service.

How do I know if my printer has Refresh cartridge(s) installed: At the end of the Refresh Subscription enrollment process on the “Almost Finished” screen, review the “Next Steps” section. If it says “Your Brother printer already has Refresh EZ Print Subscription Ready cartridges” then you’re all set.

You can also check your Account Dashboard after you enroll. At the top of “Your Printer and Plan Details” section you’ll see a notification. If it says “you’re using a non-Refresh cartridge” or “Insert your Subscription Activation Cartridge(s)” then you do not currently have Refresh cartridge(s) installed.

Yes, you can cancel or change your plan at any time for any reason with no penalty. There is no commitment and no contract that you are tied to.

For Plan changes, upgrades go into effect immediately. Plan downgrades go into effect at the beginning of your next billing cycle since bills are based on your past month’s printing activity.

You can cancel or change your plan on your Account Dashboard 24/7. Simply go to Menu>My Plans and Printers>Click desired action. Before you cancel, please ensure you have non-Refresh subscription cartridge(s) ready to install. Your Refresh subscription cartridge(s) may stop working upon cancellation.

A Refresh Subscription Specialist can also assist you at (855) 996-0277 weekdays 9 am to 9 pm ET.

Still Have Questions?

Our dedicated Refresh Subscription Agents are available Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm Eastern time.

Legal Disclaimers

Save up to 50%: Based on monthly subscription cost in U.S. for Mono Laser Power Plan vs. average cost per page of eligible like standard capacity cartridges. Savings will vary based on Refresh EZ Print Subscription plan selected.

4 Month Free Trial: RRequires enrollment in a monthly billed Brother Refresh EZ Print Subscription service plan based on monthly printed page allotments. Unused pages roll over, limitations apply. Additional page set charges and taxes apply during trial. Plan, options offer and pricing subject to change. Open to new subscribers located in the contiguous United States only. After the free trial period your credit card will be charged on a monthly basis for the Plan Fee, Taxes and Additional Page Sets (if applicable) in accordance with the Terms of Service. Your service will continue on a month-to-month basis until you cancel it. May be canceled at any time. If your printer did not come with a refresh ready cartridge, upon cancellation the subscription cartridge will be deactivated and must be replaced at users’ expense in order to continue printing. For full details or to enroll, visit https://www.brother-usa.com/supplies/subscription-info.

Rollover Pages: May not exceed twice as many pages as allotted in your current plan option; rollover page limits change according to plan option selected and must be used during active subscription.

Free Extended Limited Warranty: Limited Warranty Extension is available on printers with at least 3 months of original product warranty remaining with an active Brother Refresh EZ Print Subscription. Maximum warranty coverage period is three years (including Standard and Extended). Terms and conditions apply. See www.RefreshEZPrintSubscriptionTermsandConditions.com for details.

Bonus Offer: Bonus offer provides 1000 print pages at no charge. Bonus print pages may be used over the course of free trial. Bonus pages do not roll over after free trial has ended. Enrollment in a Brother Refresh EZ Print Subscription Service plan within 7 days of powering-on your Brother printer/all-in-one is required to receive bonus offer. Brother INKvestment Tank models and Brother XL models are excluded from this Bonus Offer.

$20 credit: Offer valid for new Brother Refresh EZ Print Subscription customers located within the US on a mono laser / black & white print plan only. This credit will apply towards your monthly price plan or any additional page set charges you incur. It can only be used towards your Refresh subscription account and may not be transferred. No refunds will be provided for any unused credit. The credit will appear on your next billable invoice. Brother reserves the right to end this promotion at any time.

Brother Mobile Connect App: Requires connection to a wireless network. Brother Mobile Connect free app download is not available in all countries.

Plans, plan options and pricing subject to change without notice. Please check www.RefreshEZPrintSubscriptionTermsandConditions.com for latest plan and plan option information.

Save $37 a year: Cost savings based on Standard Cartridge cost, average savings within the 1st 2 years of service, includes 2 Months Free, and based on a weighted average by model. Actual savings will vary.