Mopria Mobile Printing Standard

Mopria Print Service: Mobile Printing on Brother Printers and All-in-Ones

Mopria® is a set of standards that enable printing from a mobile device to printers from different manufacturers or brands, including Brother.

Mopria Mobile Printing Standard

What is Mopria?

Mopria® is a mobile printing standard enabling simple printing between Mopria-certified mobile devices and a range of printer brands including Brother Printers and All-in-Ones. The Mopria Print Service provides a “universal print driver” that converts the data to be printed to the appropriate file type required by the printer.

Mopria Print Service lets users customize color, number of copies, duplex, paper size, page range, media type, and orientation, as well as workplace features like user authentication, pin printing, and accounting capabilities – all without having to install printer brand specific apps.

To print using Mopria, all you need is:

  • Any current wireless Brother printer or All-in-One
  • A wireless network
  • A smartphone or tablet with Android OS version 4.4 or later
  • An app that supports Android 4.4 (KitKat) printing

Download the Mopria Print Service app or learn more about Mopria Scan.

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Mopria Mobile Printing Standard

Why Mopria is Important in a Wireless World

The number of people connected via mobile devices, and working in a BYOD environment means that the concept of a cubicle is much more than a physical space. More and more paperwork is becoming electronic – in a wireless workplace, printers and scanners are considered an important part of the office experience, but workers may be run into barriers because of complicated app installation or device connection.

One of the solutions is using Mopria Print Service. Brother recognizes the need for mobile printing, and we show our commitment to standardizing mobile printing through our role as an active member of the Mopria® Alliance.

Mopria Mobile Printing Standard

What Can You Do With Mopria?

You can easily print photos, emails, and documents from select mobile devices using the Mopria Print Service to a compatible Brother machine over a wireless network. Mopria certification ensures the ability to connect and pass information using the Mopria Print Service between a mobile device and a printer resulting in a quality print.

Mopria Mobile Printing Standard

How Do I Use the Mopria Print Service?

Just press print and Mopria will take care of the rest.

  1. Download the Mopria application.
  2. Find a document or photo you want to print.
  3. When your phone or tablet discovers your Brother printer, just tap “print”.
  4. Pick up your printout!
Mopria Mobile Printing Standard

Start Printing

Mopria Print Service enhances the print functionality on any Android mobile device. With this service, you can connect and print to any Mopria certified printer without additional set-up. Connect to the same network as the printer or make a direct connection with Wi-Fi Direct®.

All of Brother’s wireless printers and All-in-Ones launched since 2015 are Mopria certified. With Mopria printing certification, once you have downloaded and installed the latest device firmware from the Brother Solutions Center, and downloaded the Mopria Print Service (available for devices running Android 4.4 or later; on the Google Play store), you’ll be able to print directly over their wireless network from a Mopria-certified mobile device.

For answers to your most common questions about Mopria Print Service, see the Mopria Support FAQs.

For more information about the Mopria Alliance, visit the Mopria Alliance website.

Compatible Models

Brother offers a wide variety of color inkjet All-in-Ones that are Mopria compatible: MFC-J460DW, MFC-J5930DW, MFC-J985DW XL, and many more.

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Brother offers a wide variety of color laser/LED All-in-Ones that are Mopria compatible: HL-3180CDW, HL-L9310CDW, MFC-L9570CDW, and many more.

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Brother offers a wide variety of color laser/LED All-in-Ones that are Mopria compatible: DCP-L5500DN, HL-L6400DWT, MFC-L6900DW, and many more.

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